Small & Medium Businesses Energy Saving Options

Multi-Unit Owners

Outsource an energy manager from the Start! Managing multiple properties can be a hassle and depending on the number of units you are managing, an Energy Manager can add great value to your organization. With Ananta, learn how this value equates to saving more time, and more money… Read more...
Energy Savings for the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry

Outsource a Certified Energy Procurement (CEP) Professional specializing in the energy overhead reduction for the Hospitality Industry. Both hotels and restaurants can benefit from an energy manager that understands both your energy profile and business model. Increase Hotel ADR and Restaurant Revenue with Ananta today!  Read more... 
Multi-Unit Owners looking for energy manager's help


Ananta Energy Source is highly experienced in conducting RFP's with aggregation strategies. Take advantage of Ananta's Pooling Power (bulk purchasing) approach and receive additional discounts by hedging your energy needs in large groups. Read more(coming soon)...



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Ananta Origin

What is the meaning behind Ananta Energy Source?

"Ananta," means, "without end," or, "infinite," in multiple Indian dialects, so when it comes to an organization’s energy management needs, we pride ourselves in being an energy manager with unlimited resources for energy saving opportunities.

Energy Management is a broad field where different areas in the field are constantly changing. Our role at Ananta Energy Source is to ensure our clients that we are up to speed with this ever-changing industry and continuously pursuing alternative approaches to save on energy costs.

Our pursuit is never-ending and enforced by our quarterly energy management meetings where in addition to updating our clients with current budget statuses, we provide the following:

    • →  A market analysis on how strong of a position we’re in
    • →  Budget expectations moving forward, and
    • →  Additional procurement or efficiency opportunities that clients have the option of exploring

Ultimately, Ananta Energy Source is an energy management company with infinite energy savings potential.  


Ananta Energy Source's Mission Statement

Our Address:
12346 S. Keeler St.
Alsip, IL, USA 60803
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
Weekends 9am to 12pm

Ananta Energy Source Accreditations

Certified Energy Procurement (CEP) Professional -

Awarded by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), CEPs are recognized as qualified professionals who have a high level of experience and knowledge encompassing the fundamentals of buying, selling, and marketing of both electricity and natural gas. AEE is accredited as a 35 year old non-profit professional society encompassing 1,600+ members between 89 countries. They consider a CEP as a, “qualified expert in this growing area of specialized expertise within the restructured energy marketplace.”

Ananta Energy Source Licenses

TMGES, Inc., is doing business as Ananta Energy Source and is currently operates out of Chicago, IL. TMGES, Inc., is a licensed Agent, Broker, Consultant by the Illinois Commerce Commission as well as a licensed Broker/Aggregator by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Ananta Energy Source welcomes the opportunity to solicit energy bids for both commercial and residential clients in both Illinois and Ohio.